Income Share Agreements (ISAs) have emerged in the past few years as an innovative outcomes-based tuition model that is not only increasing access and degree completion at institutions, but changing the very nature of financing higher education.

To help sort through the volume of articles, studies, and stories, we’ve compiled this research guide to ISAs featuring some of the most relevant and well-considered information currently circulating.

Take a closer look through the various resources and categories below—and be sure to check back for updates as new information and articles become available.

ISA Basics

Institutions across the country are offering ISAs to reduce financial barriers to education, align incentives between schools and students, and increase college affordability. Start here to learn more about the fundamental nature of Income Share Agreements and their individual components.

ISA & Higher Education

Learn how Income Share Agreements can specifically help students and institutions across the higher education ecosystem—from increasing access to boosting completion rates and more.

ISA & Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

ISAs have become a way for institutions focused on lifelong learning and technical training to signal value and create a pay-as-you succeed model of tuition. Read about the latest developments in this diverse arena and how ISAs are helping these institutions in their missions.

ISA Academic Research

Studies and reports about various aspects of Income Share Agreements are being published with increasing frequency. Read some of these findings here and the implications behind the research data.

ISA and Policy

As more institutions launch ISA programs to increase educational access and degree completion, policymakers are starting to pay attention to how ISAs are helping to achieve these goals. Stay up to date on some of these shifts in the ISA landscape and how public policy around ISAs continues to evolve.


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