An ISA is a contract between a school and student that provides the student with up-front education funding. In exchange, the student agrees to pay a fixed percentage of future income for a defined, finite period of time.

Let’s break it down:

A student signs an ISA for $7,500. In return, the student agrees to share 3% of their post-graduation income for a maximum of 75 monthly payments.

ISA Student Benefits

ISAs are built to help schools and students. Thoughtfully designed ISA programs isolate target student populations and address their needs. All the ISA programs that Vemo Education builds include key protections for students:

A monthly minimum income threshold participants students from future unemployment.
A payment cap and maximum number of monthly payments limit the amount participants pay.
A built-in ISA expiration date means that participants sign up for a finite payment obligation.

An Example Student Journey

Check out Kayla’s journey with an ISA, from signing an ISA contract to her transition out of college into post-graduate life.

College Financing Decision

Kayla is a college junior, majoring in accounting, who has an unmet financial need of $7,500 going into senior year. Luckily, her college has an ISA program and Kayla chooses a $7,500 ISA in exchange for 3 percent of her income for 75 monthly payments after graduation. Because the ISA is based on income and has a minimum income threshold, Kayla knows that she’ll only make affordable payments if she succeeds after graduation.

Retention + Graduation

Because Kayla’s college offered an ISA, she was able to stay in school and graduate without fear of the inability to pay upfront. The ISA option gave Kayla the flexibility to graduate on time and complete her degree.

Post-grad Plans

Kayla graduated and went on to get a job with an accounting firm, where she’s able to make the affordable payments back to her school. Kayla's payments will always be calculated as 3% of her income, so they are a predictable obligation for her to manage. She gets peace of mind knowing her obligation will remain proportional if she wants to change career path.

How We Help Schools.

As the leader in income share agreements, we know exactly how to create high-impact, thoughtful programs and guide you through the process.


Define Program Goals

Determine how income-based financing can help institutional goals of access, retention, and completion


Design Program

Gather institutional data to project student outcomes and define ISA terms that are beneficial to students


Launch and Sustain

Maintain program success and provide outcomes reporting

Want to Learn More?

Connect with our team of experts who can help guide your school through the process of designing an ISA program.