We are excited about Adelphi's decision to explore how an ISA program could support current students with financial need. We look forward to collaborating with your team on program design and implementation to ensure your strategic objectives are being met through ISAs.

Thank you again for the chance to present how Vemo Education would help Adelphi University build an ISA program that is effective, comprehensive, and thoughtful. The following proposal highlights our strategic discussion to date, provides access to a recording of your program design review, and offers guidance on the next steps in this process.

Nursing Program Impact:

The numbers represented outline assumptions related to the overall program impact of the ISA program.


Increase in Total Revenue


Increase in Soph. Ret. Rate


Increase in Graduation Rate

Adelphi's Institutional Goals

Adelphi University has maintained retention and graduation rates for its Business and Nursing programs well above the national averages for four-year, private institutions. In an effort to provide additional pathways to completion, and improve its current first-year retention rate of 80% and four-year graduation rate of 60%, Adelphi University is engaging Vemo Education to offer Income Share Agreements.
As Adelphi looks to increase these rates, the school is exploring ISAs as a potential solution to increase sophomore Business retention by 5.6%, sophomore Nursing retention by 3%, and overall graduation rates by nearly 5%.  Additionally, Adelphi would retain almost 1M in in-year Net Tuition Revenue by offering ISAs to these student groups.
A retention-focused ISA program for sophomores, juniors and seniors enrolled in the school's Business and Nursing programs
A cohort size of 100 to accommodate for a sizable portion of students with unmet need.
A funding range of $2,500-$10,000 to support varying levels of need

Adelphi's ISA Program Design

ISAs perfectly align with our mission. They back up our promise to students that they will engage in a transformational education during their time with us, and they will find fulfilling employment after graduating from Rockhurst.

Paula Shorter

Associate Provost for Enrollment Services

Moving Forward with ISAs

A summary of next steps to launching your ISA program


Confirm Strategic Approach

Ensure program objectives meet your needs and establish success measures.


Finalize Program Design

Review program design and work with Vemo to make appropriate adjustments.


Execute and Launch

Review consumer-facing disclosures and contracts before working with Vemo's Partner Success team to launch your program.

Important Resources

Shortcuts to resources shared with Adelphi to date. For additional insights, please visit Vemo's main resource page at https://vemoeducation.com/resources/

Master Servicing Agreement

Download this PDF to review Vemo's master servicing agreement for Adephi.

Statement of Work

Download this PDF to view program terms and pricing for Adelphi.

Case Study

Download Messiah University's case study to read how the school launched a successful ISA program.

Success Stories

We invite you to click a logo below to hear Vemo partners share more about their successful ISA programs.