Program Impact Calculator

This calculator is intended to provide you with a quick snapshot of the revenue impact an ISA program could have on your institution.  Please note that we design specific programs catered to your students, their needs, and the program performance expectations you establish.  

In this calculator, we use the example of a program with a 1x payment cap and a cashflow return to the university of approximately 50%.  This calculator also assumes a steady progression rate determined by the graduation rate you input. The values in this calculator are not considered final and are not a guarantee of program outcomes.  During the program design process, Vemo will work with you to determine actual outcomes and revenue impact based on your final program design.

“Vemo Education seamlessly created income share agreement programs to support our undergraduate and graduate students that we rely on to help achieve some of our most ambitious goals – access, affordability, and using educational outcomes data to prove the value of a Messiah College education.”

David Walker, Vice President for Finance and Planning

Messiah College