Founded in 1909, Messiah College is a nationally ranked, private non-profit college located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Messiah enrolls over 3,300 students in their undergraduate and graduate programs and offers over 85 undergraduate programs and 27 graduate and certificate programs. With a focus on service, leadership, and intensive academics, Messiah places a premium on providing valuable outcomes for students.

Looking for a way to increase educational access and affordability, and to link the cost of education to student outcomes, Messiah launched an ISA program to give their students a more flexible way to pay for college. By reducing the up-front cost of tuition in exchange for a fixed percentage of a student's income after graduation, Messiah hopes to increase affordability and align their values with student success.

Program Design Overview

Messiah College offers an ISA to undergraduate students, regardless of their major, in exchange for 3% of their post-graduate income. Payment is required only for students whose income exceeds $2,083.33 per month (equivalent to $25,000 annually)

Messiah offers graduate students in the occupational therapy and physical therapy programs an ISA with a 3.5% income share. Payment is required only for students whose income exceeds $3,333.33 per month (equivalent to $40,000 annually)

Important Student Protections


A minimum income threshold below which students aren’t required to make payments, but are in good standing with the obligation


A fixed percentage of a graduate’s income, so payments should always be affordable


A payment term that limits the time period of even if the student has paid less than the initial funding amount or nothing at all


A payment cap to ensure a reasonable maximum payment amount

Vemo Education seamlessly created income share agreement programs to support our undergraduate and graduate students that we rely on to help achieve some of our most ambitious goals – access, affordability, and using educational outcomes data to prove the value of a Messiah College education.

David Walker VP for Finance and Planning

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