Schools launch ISA programs to close student funding gaps and reach key institutional goals: higher enrollment yield, improved retention, and accelerated completion. To get a better sense of the elements essential to any ISA program, scroll through the videos below.

Income Share Agreement Basics

Minimum Income Threshold
Participants only make payments when they are employed and earning above a minimum monthly amount.
Max Number of Monthly Payments
Participants never make more than the maximum number of monthly payments.
Payment Cap
For high-earners, a payment cap limits the total amount a participant can pay.

Program Design Overview

Define Program Goals
Determine the primary objective of your ISA program, whether that's improving yield in a target student segment, closing funding gaps for juniors and seniors, creating a sustainable funding source for future cohorts, or another goal important to your institution.
Design ISA Program
Collaborate with Vemo to determine ISA program terms that meet the needs of your students and the goals of your institution.
Assess and Refine
Over time, Vemo will work with you to compare our predictive models with your program's actual outcomes. We'll revisit program design and refine your program for future cohorts.

Sample Design and Impact

Institutional Goals
This retention-focused sample ISA program serves students in all majors and class levels.
Student Benefit
The wide sample funding range of $2,500–$10,000 supports students with varying levels of unmet need. The 1x payment cap limits the maximum amount participants can pay to the initial funding amount.
Program Impact
Deployed effectively, this sample program would translate to an estimated $784k increase in total revenue and a 1.5% increase in the first-to-second year retention rate.

Implementation Process

Our typical implementation process is 8 weeks in length. We can expedite this process for partners who agree to meet more than once per week during the implementation process.
Measuring Success
During this process, we'll identify the metrics that will measure the effectiveness of your ISA program. It's important for us to have a baseline, so we ask partners to bring the relevant data and figures to our initial call.
Before your ISA program is launched, we'll host training sessions for all team members you'd like to include and share school-branded training materials for your staff and students.