Schools have to balance enrollment goals, institutional sustainability, and student needs.

Balancing finances can be a constant struggle for students and schools. Schools have to make tough decisions about how to allocate limited funds. Students find tuition costs out of reach, even with traditional aid options. Often, schools are unable to serve all the students they'd like to help.


Optimize your institutional budget and your student success metrics with ISAs.

ISAs can help schools enroll and retain more students, while also supporting broad financial goals. Thoughtfully designed ISA programs can eliminate the trade-off between education access and sustainability that faces so many higher education leaders today.

ISAs drive student success

Vemo helps institutions improve access and affordability
Increase Access for Students
Accelerate Completion
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A growing number of institutions are utilizing ISAs to align student and school success.


ISAs in Action

Let's see how they work.

Strategic Access Initiatives

Strategic Tuition ISAs:

Institutions are using ISA programs to signal valuable outcomes that differentiate their programs and increase enrollment.

Degree Specific ISA Programs:

Institutions are using ISA programs to attract students to under-enrolled degree programs by eliminating financial barriers to enrollment and aligning cost and value.

Come Back and Complete:

Institutions are using ISA programs to attract and enroll adult students who have some college credit, but no credential by using a non-loan alternative that links directly to their post completion success.

Strategic Tuition ISAs

Retention and Completion Programs

Last Mile Funding:

Institutions are using ISAs as an alternative to high cost private student loans to fill the gap, as the amount of unmet need continues to grow.

Financial Aid Appeals:

Institutions are complementing their institutional appeals process with ISAs so they can help more students and diversify the options available to students.

Summer & Intercession Terms:

Institutions are using ISA programs during summer or intercession terms to help students stay on track, catch up, or accelerate completion.

Retention and Completion Programs

Equity and Inclusion Programs

Non-Title IV Eligible

Institutions are using ISA programs to help students who have exhausted or are otherwise not eligible for Title IV financial aid or in an ineligible program.

Alternative Access

Institutions are using ISA programs to reach unique populations of students for whom current funding options are not a good fit, such as those with strong aversion to traditional loans.


Equity and Inclusion Programs

Vemo's services deliver you closer to your institutional goals.

At Vemo, we help colleges and universities design, implement, and maintain impactful ISA programs for their students.
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help you reach financial and strategic objectives, and serve students

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Vemo offers high-quality, high-touch, onshore servicing of all student accounts.

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Cutting-edge Platform

Vemo's intuitive portal grants administrators real-time access to participants' payment and employment activity. A user-friendly student portal makes ISA applications easy for students to navigate.

Skills Training

Ongoing Data-Driven Guidance

Analytics and data insights that help schools monitor, evaluate, and improve programs' quality and performance.

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