Program Design Questionnaire

Vemo Education is proud to partner with you to align your school's success with your students’ outcomes through Income Share Agreements (ISAs).  Below, we outline the process for working together to design and implement your ISA program:

  • The first step is to determine how an income share agreement program can help with institutional goals of access, retention, and completion.
  • The second step is to complete the questionnaire using school specific data.
  • Based on the school’s goals and insights provided in the questionnaire, Vemo Education designs a custom ISA program.

“Vemo Education seamlessly created income share agreement programs to support our undergraduate and graduate students that we rely on to help achieve some of our most ambitious goals – access, affordability, and using educational outcomes data to prove the value of a Messiah University education.”

David Walker, Vice President for Finance and Planning

Messiah University

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