Galvanize, a Vemo Education partner that offers immersive training programs in high-demand tech fields, has updated its ISA program with a stronger safety net for students.

Shifting financial risk away from ISA recipients, Galvanize and Hack Reactor’s redesigned program will only require ISA payments when participants earn above the monthly equivalent of $60,000 per year.

For prospective students worried about unemployment, Galvanize’s new minimum income threshold may help ease their concerns. For others contemplating a career change or a new job in the tech industry, Galvanize has updated its ISA terms to promote access to upskilling opportunities in tech.

“We are proud to raise the bar in our industry,” said Galvanize CEO Harsh Patel, “and we hope these updated terms enable more students, particularly those facing financial hardships, to take our programs and pursue a career in technology.”

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