We help schools help students.

At Vemo, we believe in the power of education to improve lives. We have set our sights on helping institutions serve more students by providing innovative solutions and unique insights that align school and student outcomes.

As the leader in income share agreements (ISAs), we design, implement and manage impactful ISA programs for our partners. By doing this, we increase transparency around student outcomes - helping schools improve, compete, succeed and fundamentally change the relationship they have with students. 

Our company values.


Put Schools First

In their work with students, our partners change lives - which is why our focus is on helping schools help students.


Make an Impact

We are a team of innovators and builders who never stop pushing ourselves to make a positive impact.


Be Thoughtful and True

We're breaking new ground in education - so we measure everything to ensure we're a trusted, certain partner.

Who We Serve

At Vemo, we empower schools to fundamentally change their relationship with students from being just an education provider to a success partner by providing innovative solutions, data insights and education know-how.
Higher Education

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are using ISA programs to increase access, retention, and completion.

Skills Training

Skills Training

Skills training providers are offering ISA programs to create opportunities for more individuals to upskill at high-quality providers, align price with value, and signal a commitment to outcomes.

In 2016, Purdue University became the first major higher education institution to offer an income share agreement program when Purdue Research Foundation launched Back a Boiler. Vemo Education is a valuable partner with PRF when it comes to the design, implementation, and servicing of Back a Boiler.

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Brian Edelman

President of Purdue Research Foundation
Vemo Education seamlessly created income share agreement programs to support our undergraduate and graduate students that we rely on to help achieve some of our most ambitious goals – access, affordability, and using educational outcomes data to prove the value of a Messiah College education.

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David Walker

VP for Finance and Planning
Through Invest in U, the University of Utah is investing in our students to help them succeed, recognizing that many students start and stop their educations based on finances.

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Ruth Watkins

President of The University of Utah

New To Income Share Agreements?

An ISA is an arrangement between a school and a student where the school provides upfront funding in exchange for a fixed percentage of a student’s post-enrollment income for a fixed number of payments. For a better understanding of the basic mechanics of an ISA, let’s look at an example of an ISA contract and student journey.

Meet Vemo’s team of trusted experts.

Vemo’s team of experts in data, higher education, financial aid, and customer service leverages its collective experience to create impactful programs for institutions. Institutions rely on our unique expertise to make sure their programs are thoughtfully developed and managed to achieve greater student success.

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